Fare - Finite Automata/Regex in .NET

Project Fare is an effort to bring a DFA/NFA (finite-state automata) implementation from Java to .NET. There are quite a few implementations available in other languages today. This project aims to fill the gap in .NET.

Fare is a .NET port of the well established Java library dk.brics.automaton with API as close as possible to the corresponding dk.brics.automaton classes. It also includes a port of Xeger which is a Java library for generating random text from regular expressions. The latter is possible in .NET using the Rex tool.

There are currently integration tests utilizing xUnit.net data theories using the [ClassData] attribute. This way, the same test cases can be used across the ported code, the Java code and even compared to the output of Rex.

The source code is here.



Nikos Baxevanis



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