I’m a computer programmer and open source software contributor working out of Glyfada, Greece.

In my spare time, I enjoy working on type-safe QuickCheck-based clones in F#, LightCheck – a work in progress, and Jack – QuickCheck with shrinking for free.

I’m a core maintainer in AutoFixture, an open-source testing-tool that helps you make more maintainable unit-tests. I’ve also contributed code to other open-source tools, Albedo, Qaiain, FsCheck, and others.

I’ve also written Fare, a DFA/NFA finite-state automaton implementation in .NET, ported from Java library dk.brics.automaton. It may be used to generate strings that match a given regular expression.


“Solid development skills. When Nikos submits a PR, it is a cold day in hell that it doesn’t work.”
- Kevin Bennet, KBMax, USA

“I worked on the same small sub-team as Nikos for nearly a year and a half building back-end ReST APIs for a large-scale media platform. Nikos and I both worked remotely. I found Nikos both a highly professional software developer and on a personal basis, a really nice guy to work with. Not only does he have top-tier .NET technical skills, but is also ready to help with any questions or problems at short notice and always made a positive impact on the project. I learned a huge amount from Nikos, especially about F# programming and the more advanced aspects of unit testing.

“I would recommend Nikos without hesitation for any team looking for an expert .NET developer.”
- Mike Hadlow, @mikehadlow, UK

“Nikos is a meticulous, trustworthy, inquisitive, versatile, knowledgeable, and analytical programmer, showing strong modelling and Test-Driven Development skills.

“He and I have worked together on and off at least since mid-2011 on various open source projects. At first, Nikos submitted pull requests to AutoFixture, and exhibited endless patience with my various suggestions. Not only that, but he kept contributions coming in a steady flow of high quality, to such a degree that he’s now a core contributor to AutoFixture.

“Likewise, when I started a new open source project called Albedo, Nikos expressed interest in joining, and based on my trust in him, I immediately made him a core contributor to Albedo as well - a decision I haven’t regretted for a moment.”

“Since we live in different countries, we’ve only met a few times, so all our collaboration has been via CodePlex (initially) and GitHub. This seems to work well for both of us.

“If I ever find myself in a situation where I need to hire a programmer, Nikos would be one of my first choices.”
- Mark Seemann, @ploeh, Denmark

“We hired Nikos during 2012-2013 to helps us extend and maintain our MobileCoupons touchscreen application. Nikos re-design and re-engineer our code successfully from VB6 to C# in 3 weeks to help us release new features and iterate faster.

“In a few months, MobileCoupons’ gave us the opportunity to create and release another product - MyABTouchPoint for AB Vassilopoulos retail chain - where Nikos helped us in design and development.

“Nikos has been delivering results of high quality in-full and on-time. Today we easily extend and maintain our products, MobileCoupons and MyABTouchPoint, thanks to Nikos’ methodological and professional work.”
- Giannis F. Marias, MPASS, Greece