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Nikos Baxevanis


My name is Nikos Baxevanis, and I’m involved with AutoFixture, FsCheck, the F# version of Hedgehog and other software testing systems.

Testimonials and Quotes

“Solid development skills. When Nikos submits a PR, it is a cold day in hell that it doesn’t work.”
Kevin Bennett, KBMax, USA

“I learned a huge amount from Nikos, especially about F# programming and the more advanced aspects of unit testing.”
“I would recommend Nikos without hesitation for any team looking for an expert .NET developer.”
Mike Hadlow, @mikehadlow, UK

“Nikos is a meticulous, trustworthy, inquisitive, versatile, knowledgeable, and analytical programmer, showing strong modelling and Test-Driven Development skills.”
“If I ever find myself in a situation where I need to hire a programmer, Nikos would be one of my first choices.”
Mark Seemann, @ploeh, Denmark

“Nikos has been delivering results of high quality in-full and on-time. Today we easily extend and maintain our products, [..], thanks to Nikos’s methodological and professional work.”
Giannis F. Marias, MPASS, Greece


You’re more than welcome to contact me. An easy way is via Twitter, Gmail, or even Skype.